"Security just became smarter"

Bosycurity is a powerful application that offers many unique features to assist security services such as Personal and Executive Protection, Reconnaissance, Event-Security and others.
With Bosycurity you manage GPS-based recon reports containing information about vehicles, people and incidents. You log activities including company vehicles, schedule employees and manage tasks. Furthermore you keep track of customers, contacts, addresses and buildings.

Reacting instead of calling

"After a few weeks of using Bosycurity we had a situation in which a car that was wanted by the police appeared in one of our guarded area. We probably would not have noticed that without this software. "
Powerful design
Your benefits

Get rid of paperwork

No need to carry around your documents or handing them over to others

Convince customers

Customers will gain more confidence in your work because Bosycurity documents it gaplessly

Be ahead of competition

Use Bosycurity to achieve a higher quality of service than your competitors

Save time and money

Bosycurity integrates smoothly into your daily work and prevents you from making mistakes when entering data

React faster with less mistakes

Access and share your information around the clock and wherever you are

Improve your communication

With Bosycurity you do not waste time looking for information - they are in your hand

Profit from new features

Bosycurity grows by adding new ideas that make your life and work easier

Trust our clients

Big and small security companies successfully use Bosycurity every day since 2009

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